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Transformation Program

Health, Fitness, & Lifesyle Transformation

Do you struggle with building health habits?

Exhausted from always starting & stopping your journey?

Want to drop body fat & actually keep it off?

In a dark place with how you look & feel?

Desperate to find a long-lasting change that fits your lifestyle?

Then this program is for YOU!


A Full Team 

Personal Trainer, Life Coach, Nutritionists, Exercise Therapist & Mindset Coach


  • Learn about YOUR body & how to build a healthy relationship with food to make eating healthy easy for the rest of your life

  • Learn how to eat whatever you want & still get results & be healthy instead of struggling with a restrictive diet

  • Fully Tailored Nutrition Plan, Recipes & Grocery List

  • Learn how to prepare healthy meals quickly

  • Learn how to eat & still be successful

  • Travel/Vacation Guide so you enjoy yourself without sabotaging results

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Schedule Your FREE Discovery Call

Tailored Workouts

  • Tailored workouts that fit YOUR schedule, goals, fitness level, & medical history

  • Learn how to workout effectively in less time - as little as 3 days a week

  • Learn how to adapt your workout program as your life changes week to week for long term success no matter your schedule.

Mindset/Life Coaching 

  • How to not just physically transform but mentally to become unstoppable in the pursuit of ANY goal

  • How to develop never-ending motivation

  • How to prioritize your health and fitness simply every day

  • How to manage your time, stress, and challenge effectively

  • How to create healthy and long-lasting habits

"You deserve to feel confident and sexy. You deserve to reach your goals. You deserve to have a body you LOVE. And it’s just 16 weeks away." 


  • Daily 1-1 text messages

  • Weekly/biweekly 1-1 phone calls

  • Weekly emails

  • WhatsApp group chat with daily motivational messages

  • Private FB Community

  • Private App with schedule & reminders

Available to Clients on St. Croix

  • Personalized training group sessions (included at no extra cost)

  • Gym Membership (included at no extra cost)

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If you continue to obsess with excessive exercising, restrictive eating and extreme diet plans all in an attempt to be confident in your own skin, you'll never get there. You will stress, drive yourself crazy, and never feel good enough. Trying to conform to unrealistic eating habits and schedules are not healthy and that is not how you build a healthy lifestyle. All that does is cause you more and more stress and stress is UNHEALTHY. It's not about weight loss! It's less about the weight on the scale and more about loving yourself, building a healthy relationship with food, and creating a health and sustainable lifestyle that works for YOU.

I’ve taught and trained hundreds of women, worldwide, to build the life-long healthy habits that get results. Ready to be next? You don’t need to understand how it’s possible. You just need to be willing to SAY YES. However, this program is not for everyone. You cannot be wishy-washy about this. Change is HARD. It requires commitment, consistency, patience and perseverance and the truth is that most people aren’t ready to go on that journey. You must be willing to commit and invest in YOU and your happiness. If you that's you, then you’re ready.

Are you ready to get started?

Below is a button to book in for a 1-1 Discovery Call with my team. During this call, myself or one of my coaches will take the time to learn more about you and your goals before putting a plan in place to help you achieve them. This 16 week program is 100% bespoke and tailored to your needs, goals and fitness ability so during this call is the time for you to see if we’re the right coaching company for you and whether we believe this is the right program for you based on what we discussed during the call. 

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